Chlorocardium rodiei


Commercial Name – Chlorocardium rodiei
Botanical Name – Sipiroe, Bibiru, Demerara Greenheart
Family – Lauraceae

Technical Data

Weight – 1030 kg/m3 (64 lb/ft3 ) seasoned
Bending Strength – 181 N/mm2 (26200 lbg/in2)
Modulus of elasticity – 2100 N/mm2 (304000 lbft/in2)
Compression parallel to grain – 89.9 N/mm2 (3040 lb/in2)


Color – pale yellow in colour, shading gradually into the heartwood
Grain – straight or interlocked.
Texture – fine and even.

End Use

A very heavy, hard timber, suitable for use under exacting conditions, outstanding in most of its strength properties and of very high durability and having excellent resistance to attack by marine borers.

Available in very large sizes and long lengths, and is therefore suitable for piling, piers, lock gates, docks and harbor works. Useful for pier decking and hand rails, flooring and in the engineering industry as bearers for engines. Gives good services in chemical plants for vats, filter press plates and frames. Suitable for joinery in both exterior and interior situations and useful also for fishing rods and as a center laminar for longbows and general construction.